A Public Service Announcement


Good (insert time of reading) dear reader. There are some issues with my blog that I felt merited your attention (all in good time of course). In no particular order, these are:

The site identity has been changed, on the day I am writing this, just a bit. I was quite fond of the old one, but I gather it was rather inconvenient since if you wanted to read an older article you had to scroll down a very long way. This new one should be a little easier, but if you have any particular objection to it, don’t hesitate to let me know by whatever means is most convenient.

I have never really had a regular schedule, but these days the schedule of sorts may become even less regular, due to an unusually busy period. The last post was on September 30th, which at the time of writing was just over a week ago. This is rather inconvenient if you enjoy (though even if you like suffering through them the point stands) my writings but do please be patient; if  I have a good idea for a post, I shall attempt to write it up.

If you came here from my personal Facebook, then you might have noticed that every single one of my posts has been linked to there. While this is a useful way of getting the word (or should that be words) out, it may be getting rather annoying. If so (or, on the contrary, if not), if you could let me know, that would be greatly appreciated. I suggest if you (by some miracle) enjoy my content, and I decide to cease Facebook services, you follow this blog via email. Don’t worry, it will not spam you with emails, but you will receive an email every time I post something, notifying you of this fact.

Regular programming will resume… as soon as is reasonably practicable.

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